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Dear Players,

Esports Life was born taking advantage of the Early Access model on Steam. We relied on our community and three weeks after its initial launch, Esports Life: Ep.1 - Dreams Of Glory is ready for the first big update. Our players have spoken, and we have listened:

  • Free mode: A new game mode for those who don’t want to follow a story. Everything is unlocked from the start and you’ll be able to manage up to 3 teams… and there are weekly tournaments!
  • Reduced story time: Esports Life is now less grindy and the balance has been tuned.
  • Auto mini games: You can now simulate the minigame tasks (albeit at the cost of a reduced reward).
  • GUI changes: Revamped user interface and ESL style.
  • Improved Match:
    • Matches can now be simulated from team selection.
    • Skippable combat phase.
    • General changes to make the Match a more dynamic and understandable experience.
    • Improved Elo-based IA.
  • Gameplay
    • Time-compliant, limited friend availability.
    • The mother presence has been greatly reduced.
    • More leeway when signing new players (wider Elo range).
    • Improved talent tree displays more card information.
  • Bug fixes
    • Hats can now be removed and re equipped correctly.
    • Masks are now available in the Cosplay store.
    • R to reload works on the shooter mini game.

Furthermore, the Russian and Brazilian Portuguese languages are on the way, along with revised versions of the existing localisations.

The U-Play Online Team.